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motorcycle dashboard click to hear : motorcycle dashboard

Body component containing the instrument panel and the ignition switch.
motorcycle dashboard image
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ignition switch turn signal indicator high beam warning indicator tachometer neutral indicator oil pressure warning indicator speedometer

ignition switch click to hear : ignition switch

Switch activated by a contact key allowing a current from the battery to flow to the starter.

turn signal indicator click to hear : turn signal indicator

Intermittent light, often accompanied by a sound, showing that a turn signal is in use.

high beam warning indicator click to hear : high beam warning indicator

Light showing that the high beam is lit.

tachometer click to hear : tachometer

Dial showing the engine’s rotation speed in revolutions per minute.

neutral indicator click to hear : neutral indicator

Light showing that none of the gears is engaged; that is, the engine’s rotation is not being transmitted to the wheels.

oil pressure warning indicator click to hear : oil pressure warning indicator

Light showing that the oil pressure in the engine’s lubrication system is below the minimum necessary.

speedometer click to hear : speedometer

Dial showing the speed at which the vehicle is moving, in kilometers or miles per hour.