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cloverleaf click to hear : cloverleaf

Interchange with four branches where the inside loops are for turning left and the direct links for turning right.
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passing lane traffic lane slower traffic entrance freeway overpass loop ramp highway median exit broken line deceleration lane side lane island traffic lanes transfer ramp acceleration lane

passing lane click to hear : passing lane

Far left traffic lane where faster-moving vehicles pass other traffic.

traffic lane click to hear : traffic lane

Part of the roadway demarcated by lines, each accommodating a single line of vehicles.

slower traffic click to hear : slower traffic

Far right traffic lane for slower-moving vehicles.

entrance click to hear : entrance

Start of the acceleration lane, parallel to the traffic lanes.

freeway click to hear : freeway

Large thoroughfare with separate one-way lanes and no crossing streets; reserved for high-speed traffic.

overpass click to hear : overpass

Raised part of a road or highway on which traffic flows over another highway or obstacle.

loop click to hear : loop

Wide circular curve for moving from one highway to another in order to change direction.

ramp click to hear : ramp

Connecting lane between two highways or between a road and a highway for changing direction.

highway click to hear : highway

Communications route connecting two distant geographic points, usually urban centers.

median click to hear : median

Strip of land separating two roadways leading in opposite directions.

exit click to hear : exit

Start of the ramp for vehicles leaving the freeway.

broken line click to hear : broken line

Line demarcating the two lanes of the roadway and showing that passing is permitted.

deceleration lane click to hear : deceleration lane

Temporary lane where vehicles slow down after leaving the traffic lanes.

side lane click to hear : side lane

Temporary lane for vehicles intending to enter or exit the main lanes.

island click to hear : island

Groomed land between the various lanes of an interchange.

traffic lanes click to hear : traffic lanes

Parts of the roadway demarcated by lines, each accommodating a single line of vehicles.

transfer ramp click to hear : transfer ramp

End of the ramp where it meets the highway entrance.

acceleration lane click to hear : acceleration lane

Temporary lane where vehicles entering the freeway gain speed in order to safely merge into the traffic lane.