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examples of tires click to hear : examples of tires

Depending on the intended conditions and uses, tire construction (e.g., type of rubber, tread design, width) varies widely.
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studded tire performance tire winter tire all-season tire touring tire

studded tire click to hear : studded tire

Tire whose tread is fitted with metal studs, which provide a good grip on icy roads.

performance tire click to hear : performance tire

Wide tire that withstands particularly high temperatures and offers superior performance in holding the road and handling turns.

winter tire click to hear : winter tire

Tire characterized by ridges providing a good grip on snow- and ice-covered roads.

all-season tire click to hear : all-season tire

Tire designed for driving on roads that are dry, wet or slightly snow-covered.

touring tire click to hear : touring tire

Tire designed for driving on dry or wet roads, but not recommended for snow or ice.