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examples of trucks click to hear : examples of trucks

Trucks: motorized vehicles for transporting cargo and providing maintenance and safety.
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dump truck dump body tank truck tank body concrete mixer truck van straight truck

dump truck click to hear : dump truck

Truck equipped with a dump body; it is used for bulk transport.

dump body click to hear : dump body

Open or closed container; when raised by the elevation cylinder it discharges its bulk material.

tank truck click to hear : tank truck

Truck for transporting bulk products in liquid, powder or gas form.

tank body click to hear : tank body

Closed tank divided into several compartments of various sizes.

concrete mixer truck click to hear : concrete mixer truck

Truck equipped with a rotating tub, for transporting fresh cement, which it pours out down a chute.

van straight truck click to hear : van straight truck

Truck whose box is rigid and closed.