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flatbed semitrailer click to hear : flatbed semitrailer

Semitrailer composed of a platform around which detachable side panels can be placed.
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bumper stake pocket landing gear crank marker light mud flap turn signal taillight deck bulkhead rub rail

bumper click to hear : bumper

Malleable element partially absorbing shocks, thus protecting the body from damage.

stake pocket click to hear : stake pocket

Support placed on the side edges of the deck, holding in place a belt hook or a post for attaching the side panels.

landing gear crank click to hear : landing gear crank

Bent lever activating the elevating cylinder to deploy the landing gear.

marker light click to hear : marker light

Yellow light in front and red in the rear demarcating the dimensions of the vehicle.

mud flap click to hear : mud flap

Piece of rubber or plastic attached behind the rear wheels to repel projectiles.

turn signal click to hear : turn signal

Device emitting an intermittent light, signaling a change of the vehicle’s direction or a temporary hazard to other vehicles.

taillight click to hear : taillight

Lamp turning on automatically when the front lights are lit, making the vehicle visible for up to 150 meters.

deck click to hear : deck

Floor of the semitrailer serving as the loading plane for the cargo.

bulkhead click to hear : bulkhead

Panel fixed to the front of the deck to prevent cargo from moving forward.

rub rail click to hear : rub rail

Bar attached to the stake pockets to protect them from side impact.