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refrigerated semitrailer click to hear : refrigerated semitrailer

Semitrailer equipped with a refrigeration unit and an insulated compartment for transporting perishable goods.
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side rail auxiliary tank sidewall mud flap reflector frontwall marker light sand shoe landing gear kingpin electrical connection partlow chart battery box vent door refrigeration unit landing gear crank

side rail click to hear : side rail

Thick piece along the length of the chassis frame, reinforcing it.

auxiliary tank click to hear : auxiliary tank

Reservoir containing the fuel used to operate the refrigeration unit.

sidewall click to hear : sidewall

mud flap click to hear : mud flap

Piece of rubber or plastic attached behind the rear wheels to repel projectiles.

reflector click to hear : reflector

Device reflecting light back toward its source so that other drivers can see the semitrailer.

frontwall click to hear : frontwall

marker light click to hear : marker light

Yellow light in front and red in the rear demarcating the dimensions of the vehicle.

sand shoe click to hear : sand shoe

Part attached to the foot of the landing gear to increase stability.

landing gear click to hear : landing gear

Telescopic support keeping the semitrailer level when uncoupled.

kingpin click to hear : kingpin

Axle of attachment housed in the tractor’s fifth wheel; it allows the semitrailer and the tractor to articulate.

electrical connection click to hear : electrical connection

Electric wire connecting the semitrailer’s lighting and signaling system with that of the tractor.

partlow chart click to hear : partlow chart

Device monitoring the temperature in the semitrailer.

battery box click to hear : battery box

Compartment containing the battery supplying the electric energy required to operate the refrigeration unit.

vent door click to hear : vent door

Grille through which the air cools the refrigerant.

refrigeration unit click to hear : refrigeration unit

Device using compression to lower the temperature inside the semitrailer to a predetermined level.

landing gear crank click to hear : landing gear crank

Bent lever activating the elevating cylinder to deploy the landing gear.