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two-stroke-cycle engine cycle click to hear : two-stroke-cycle engine cycle

Two-stroke engine: combustion engine whose cycle (intake, compression, combustion and exhaust) requires one up-and-down movement of the piston.
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exhaust/scavaging combustion intake port exhaust port crankcase transfer port compression/intake spark plug

exhaust/scavaging click to hear : exhaust/scavaging

Second stroke during which the piston is pushed back by the expansion of the burned gases, which are then expelled and replaced by the mixture coming from the crankcase.

combustion click to hear : combustion

End of the first stroke during which a spark ignites the air/fuel mixture.

intake port click to hear : intake port

Conduit through which the air/fuel mixture enters the crankcase.

exhaust port click to hear : exhaust port

Conduit through which the burned gases are expelled from the combustion chamber.

crankcase click to hear : crankcase

Sealed enclosure where the air/fuel mixture enters and the piston/connecting rod moves.

transfer port click to hear : transfer port

Conduit conducting the air/fuel mixture from the crankcase to the cylinder.

compression/intake click to hear : compression/intake

Beginning of the first stroke during which the piston moves up, drawing the air/fuel mixture into the crankcase and compressing the mixture in the cylinder.

spark plug click to hear : spark plug

Electric device whose two electrodes produce the spark necessary to ignite the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder.