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compound leaves click to hear : compound leaves

Leaves with blades divided into several distinct sections, called folioles, the arrangement of which determines the leaf type.
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abruptly pinnate odd pinnate pinnatifid palmate trifoliolate

abruptly pinnate click to hear : abruptly pinnate

Compound feathered leaf ending in two folioles on each side of the main petiole.

odd pinnate click to hear : odd pinnate

Compound feathered leaf with a main petiole ending in a single foliole.

pinnatifid click to hear : pinnatifid

Compound leaf with folioles on both sides of a common petiole.

palmate click to hear : palmate

Compound leaf with all its folioles attached at the same point, at the apex of the petiole.

trifoliolate click to hear : trifoliolate

Leaf having three distinct folioles.