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examples of amphibians click to hear : examples of amphibians

There are about 4,000 species of amphibians divided into three main groups, depending on whether or not they have a tail and limbs.
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common toad newt salamander tree frog adhesive disk

common toad click to hear : common toad

Tailless nocturnal insectivorous amphibian usually found on land and not very adept at jumping; its body is covered with small outgrowths.

newt click to hear : newt

Amphibian with a flat tail found mainly in freshwater and usually feeding on insects.

salamander click to hear : salamander

Nocturnal amphibian, mainly insectivorous, with a tail; there are land and aquatic species.

tree frog click to hear : tree frog

Small tailless, usually insectivorous amphibian found mostly in trees near water; its digits are fitted with suction cups.

adhesive disk click to hear : adhesive disk

Adhesive disk surrounded by a ring; it is located at the terminal end of the limbs and used for anchoring.