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morphology of a honeybee: worker click to hear : morphology of a honeybee: worker

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head tongue mandible labial palp maxilla upper lip antenna compound eye simple eye

head click to hear : head

Anterior portion of the body containing the sensory organs and the brain.

tongue click to hear : tongue

Long hairy movable mouthpart that helps to collect nectar.

mandible click to hear : mandible

Hard corneous mouthpart serving as a pincer to grasp food; it also serves to shape the wax used to build cells.

labial palp click to hear : labial palp

Sensory organ of the mouth having mainly olfactory and gustatory functions.

maxilla click to hear : maxilla

Moveable mouthpart with a palp; it is located beneath the mandibles and is used to masticate food.

upper lip click to hear : upper lip

External mouthpart located above the mandibles and forming the roof of the buccal cavity.

antenna click to hear : antenna

Sensory organ made up of several segments and having mainly tactile and olfactory functions.

compound eye click to hear : compound eye

Organ of vision made up of thousands of facets that perceive shapes, colors, motion and distance.

simple eye click to hear : simple eye

Organ of vision formed of a single facet that captures variations in luminosity and allows the caterpillar to orient itself.