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morphology of a snail click to hear : morphology of a snail

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tentacle foot growth line head mouth eyestalk eye shell whorl apex

tentacle click to hear : tentacle

Small muscular appendage, long and retractable, having a tactile role.

foot click to hear : foot

Large elongated muscular organ forming the lower portion of the snail and containing the head; it allows the snail to crawl.

growth line click to hear : growth line

Thin irregular protuberance of the whorl of the shell, corresponding to its successive growths.

head click to hear : head

Anterior portion of the foot of the snail containing the main sensory organs.

mouth click to hear : mouth

Anterior cavity of the digestive tract having a jaw and a rough tongue (radula) to graze on plants.

eyestalk click to hear : eyestalk

Large muscular appendage, elongated and retractable, bearing an eye at its terminal end.

eye click to hear : eye

Organ of vision located at the terminal end of the eyestalk; the snail has poor eyesight.

shell click to hear : shell

Calcareous spiral casing formed of three successive layers that protect the organs; the snail can withdraw into its shell.

whorl click to hear : whorl

Each of the swirls around the apex; they increase in diameter and form the shell.

apex click to hear : apex

Crown from which the shell grows.