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examples of bits and drills click to hear : examples of bits and drills

While both are intended for drilling holes in various materials, the bit has a center point while the drill ends in a cutting-edge cone.
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spade bit twist drill masonry drill double-twist auger bit

spade bit click to hear : spade bit

Bit designed for shallow holes of wide diameter; it has a long lead screw for positioning on the center of the hole.

twist drill click to hear : twist drill

Usually used to drill holes in metal or wood, it is the most common type of drill.

masonry drill click to hear : masonry drill

The carbide and tungsten tip, hard and durable, is designed to drill through material such as brick, concrete and stone.

double-twist auger bit click to hear : double-twist auger bit

Bit made up of two opposing twists; it removes debris quickly as the hole is drilled.