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electricity tools click to hear : electricity tools

The purpose of the electrical trade is to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring and devices in a place or building.
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drop light cord handle convenience outlet guard bulb reflector hook

drop light click to hear : drop light

Portable electric lamp protected by a guard and fitted with a long cord allowing it to be moved.

cord click to hear : cord

Flexible electric wire housing the leads connecting the appliance to the electric circuit.

handle click to hear : handle

convenience outlet click to hear : convenience outlet

Device connected to an electric circuit; it transmits the current to an electrical appliance when its plug is inserted into the outlet.

guard click to hear : guard

Metal mesh protecting the lightbulb while the drop light is being handled.

bulb click to hear : bulb

Glass envelope filled with gas, in which a luminous body is inserted.

reflector click to hear : reflector

Metal half sphere concentrating and directing the light from a lightbulb.

hook click to hear : hook