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pleasure garden click to hear : pleasure garden

Private plot reserved for cultivating ornamental plants where one strolls and relaxes.
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stake lawn hedge clump of flowers hanging basket pergola climbing plant paling fence patio lantern ornamental tree shed bush pond rock garden flower bed path arbor flagstone tub edging fan trellis

stake click to hear : stake

Stick for training a stem or for supporting a fragile one.

lawn click to hear : lawn

Short thick grass requiring regular mowing.

hedge click to hear : hedge

Bushes planted in a row to demarcate a lot.

clump of flowers click to hear : clump of flowers

Grouping of flowers planted in a decorative manner.

hanging basket click to hear : hanging basket

Hanging container for ornamental plants.

pergola click to hear : pergola

Small structure with horizontal girders supported by posts, used as a support for baskets or climbing plants.

climbing plant click to hear : climbing plant

Plant growing upward using a nearby structure as support.

paling fence click to hear : paling fence

Barrier made of aligned wooden planks to demarcate a lot.

patio click to hear : patio

Outdoor surface of various sizes usually covered with flagstone.

lantern click to hear : lantern

Exterior light having a high stand that is fixed to the ground; it consists of a translucent or transparent cage containing a light source.

ornamental tree click to hear : ornamental tree

Tree planted for decorative purposes.

shed click to hear : shed

Structure used for storing garden equipment.

bush click to hear : bush

Small tree usually no taller than 1 meter.

pond click to hear : pond

Small body of water, usually artificial, built for ornamental purposes.

rock garden click to hear : rock garden

Area of land strewn with ornamental rocks, among which plants grow.

flower bed click to hear : flower bed

Small plot of land adorned with plants, usually flowers.

path click to hear : path

Walkway bordered by plants.

arbor click to hear : arbor

Decorative doorway with rounded apex.

flagstone click to hear : flagstone

Stone, marble or cement tile for covering a surface.

tub click to hear : tub

Container for ornamental or edible plants.

edging click to hear : edging

Row of stones or other solid material demarcating a path.

fan trellis click to hear : fan trellis

Wood, plastic or metal laths forming a decorative structure or a support for climbing plants.