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sorting plant click to hear : sorting plant

Facility that receives and sorts recyclable material and then delivers it to a recycling center.
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nonreusable residue waste paper/paperboard sorting burial incineration paper/paperboard separation baling recycling shredding optical sorting compacting magnetic separation metal sorting separate collection conveyor belt manual sorting glass sorting crusher plastics sorting

nonreusable residue waste click to hear : nonreusable residue waste

Waste that cannot be converted into useful matter for reintroduction into the production cycle.

paper/paperboard sorting click to hear : paper/paperboard sorting

burial click to hear : burial

Operation of compressing waste into layers 2 to 3 meters thick, and then covering them with at least 15 cm of earth.

incineration click to hear : incineration

Technique used to dispose of waste consisting of burning waste material until it is sterile; the gases released do not cause pollution.

paper/paperboard separation click to hear : paper/paperboard separation

Paper and paperboard are usually separated by means of suction.

baling click to hear : baling

Paperboard and paper are compressed and wrapped separately before they are shipped to recycling plants.

recycling click to hear : recycling

Process by which waste is converted into useful raw material and reintroduced into the production cycle.

shredding click to hear : shredding

Operation of reducing plastic materials to flakes.

optical sorting click to hear : optical sorting

Pieces of glass are sorted by color (white, green or brown) using an optical detector.

compacting click to hear : compacting

Operation of compressing metal waste to facilitate shipment to recycling plants.

magnetic separation click to hear : magnetic separation

It is used to separate ferrous and nonferrous metals (e.g., aluminum, copper, lead) from other waste materials.

metal sorting click to hear : metal sorting

separate collection click to hear : separate collection

Collection of waste material sorted beforehand according to type, carried out by those who generate it (households and industry).

conveyor belt click to hear : conveyor belt

Continuous band on which waste is unloaded.

manual sorting click to hear : manual sorting

glass sorting click to hear : glass sorting

crusher click to hear : crusher

plastics sorting click to hear : plastics sorting