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environment image

Collective term for the elements that surround a living organism, some of which contribute directly to meeting its needs.

food chain image

food chain
Order of the relationships of predation and dependence among living organisms.

hydrologic cycle image

hydrologic cycle
Continuous circulation of water in its different states (liquid, solid and gaseous) between the oceans, the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface.

air pollution image

air pollution
The presence in the atmosphere of large quantities of particles or gases produced by human activity; these are harmful to both animal and plant life.

land pollution image

land pollution
Numerous factors contribute to soil pollution (e.g., household and industrial waste, fertilizers, pesticides).

water pollution image

water pollution
The cycle of the Earth’s waters is continuous, carrying and spreading pollutants introduced by human activity all around the planet.

acid rain image

acid rain
Rain that contains abnormally high concentrations of sulfuric acid and nitric acid.

greenhouse effect image

greenhouse effect
Warming of the atmosphere that occurs when certain gases absorb part of the solar radiation reflected by the Earth.

selective sorting of waste image

selective sorting of waste
Its goal is to extract recyclable material from trash.