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mountain click to hear : mountain

Elevated landform characterized by steep slopes; it is usually part of a chain.
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valley kettle drumlin forest hill lake plateau mountain torrent mountain slope ridge peak cliff spur pass crest perpetual snows summit

valley click to hear : valley

Elongated depression shaped by a watercourse or glacier and bounded by the slopes of the surrounding land.

kettle click to hear : kettle

Cavity formed as a mass of melting ice detaches from the tongue of a receding glacier; some kettles fill with water to form a lake.

drumlin click to hear : drumlin

Low hill sculpted by a moving glacier and formed of glacial drift; drumlins are usually found in parallel groupings.

forest click to hear : forest

Vast expanse of land covered with trees.

hill click to hear : hill

Moderately high landform whose slopes follow a gentle incline.

lake click to hear : lake

Body of water completely surrounded by land; it varies in size and depth.

plateau click to hear : plateau

Vast expanse of relatively flat land, higher than the surrounding region and bounded by deep valleys with sheer cliffs.

mountain torrent click to hear : mountain torrent

Watercourse flowing steeply with irregular flow; it is subject to violent floods when the snow melts.

mountain slope click to hear : mountain slope

Each of the mountain faces that reaches down into the valley.

ridge click to hear : ridge

Long narrow section at the highest point on a mountain.

peak click to hear : peak

Mountain whose summit forms a cone or point.

cliff click to hear : cliff

Steep slope with no asperities.

spur click to hear : spur

A lower mountain chain bordering a principal chain.

pass click to hear : pass

Depression in a mountain landscape that creates a passage.

crest click to hear : crest

Line intersecting two mountain slopes; a crest can run all the way into the valley.

perpetual snows click to hear : perpetual snows

Accumulations of snow on the highest reaches of a mountain that never melt.

summit click to hear : summit

The highest point on the mountain.