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section of the Earth’s crust click to hear : section of the Earth’s crust

The Earth’s crust, continental and oceanic, is composed mainly of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock.
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metamorphic rocks sedimentary rocks granitic layer basaltic layer deep-sea floor sea level intrusive rocks mountain range volcano igneous rocks

metamorphic rocks click to hear : metamorphic rocks

Rocks made from igneous or sedimentary rocks that have been subjected to high pressure and very high temperatures.

sedimentary rocks click to hear : sedimentary rocks

Rocks formed by the accumulation, compaction and cementation of fragments of eroded rock and debris left by living organisms.

granitic layer click to hear : granitic layer

Layer of granite that gives the continents their essential form.

basaltic layer click to hear : basaltic layer

Layer of basalt, a rock denser than granite, that forms the deep-sea floor and is covered with various types of debris.

deep-sea floor click to hear : deep-sea floor

Part of the Earth’s surface beneath the seas and the oceans; its topography is highly variable.

sea level click to hear : sea level

Average height of seawater observed for a given time (day, month, year); it is used as a reference point to define coastal features and measure land elevations.

intrusive rocks click to hear : intrusive rocks

Igneous rocks that have risen close to the Earth’s surface.

mountain range click to hear : mountain range

A row of elevated connected landforms characterized by high summits and deep valleys.

volcano click to hear : volcano

Landform built up as lava and ash are ejected from the upper mantle during successive eruptions, accumulating and solidifying on the surface.

igneous rocks click to hear : igneous rocks

Rock formed from molten magma that has cooled and solidified inside the Earth; also called magmatic rock.