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bony fishes click to hear : bony fishes

Fish with smooth flat scales and a rigid skeleton; the various species make up the largest group of fish.
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brook trout trout Pacific salmon John dory Atlantic salmon

brook trout click to hear : brook trout

Native to Canada, it resembles the trout and is greatly prized for its delicate flesh, which is best when simply prepared.

trout click to hear : trout

Freshwater fish with medium-oily delicate and fragrant flesh that is delicious smoked; rainbow trout is the species most often raised in captivity.

Pacific salmon click to hear : Pacific salmon

King salmon (or chinook) has the oiliest flesh and is greatly prized; the leaner and less oily varieties are often canned.

John dory click to hear : John dory

Usually prepared like sole or turbot, its medium-firm flesh contains gelatinous bones that make an excellent fish stock.

Atlantic salmon click to hear : Atlantic salmon

The only species of salmon inhabiting the Atlantic; it is prized for its pink, somewhat oily and fragrant flesh and is sold fresh, frozen and smoked.