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bony fishes click to hear : bony fishes

Fish with smooth flat scales and a rigid skeleton; the various species make up the largest group of fish.
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redfish black pollock whiting haddock Atlantic cod

redfish click to hear : redfish

Excellent raw, cooked or smoked; if cooked in broth or grilled, it is best to leave the skin on to prevent its flaky flesh from falling apart.

black pollock click to hear : black pollock

Especially popular in England, it is also used in Canada to make surimi, a paste from which imitation seafood is made.

whiting click to hear : whiting

Its delicate flaky flesh is similar to cod’s and is easy to digest; it is often wrapped in tinfoil or cooked in a flavored broth.

haddock click to hear : haddock

Related to cod but with flesh that is sweeter and more delicate; it is often smoked.

Atlantic cod click to hear : Atlantic cod

It is often dried or salted and its liver yields an oil that is rich in vitamin D; it is fished extensively off the Canadian and American coasts.