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spices click to hear : spices

Plant substances, often of exotic origin, used primarily for their flavor and pungency to enhance the taste of various recipes.
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chili powder sumac ras el hanout ground pepper marinade spices cajun spice seasoning five spice powder poppy seeds ginger

chili powder click to hear : chili powder

Spice blend composed mainly of dried ground chiles, whose strength varies depending on the chiles used; it is widely used to flavor and color rice and pasta.

sumac click to hear : sumac

Dried berries, sometimes ground, with a slightly acidic, lemony taste; it is very popular in the Middle East, especially in salads and fish dishes.

ras el hanout click to hear : ras el hanout

Very fragrant Maghrebian spice blend with dried flowers among its up to 50 ingredients; it is used to flavor game, couscous, rice and stews called tajines.

ground pepper click to hear : ground pepper

Although one of the most widely used cooking spices, it loses its flavor faster than peppercorns, from which it is derived.

marinade spices click to hear : marinade spices

A mixture of spices added to fruit and vegetable preserves, chutney and vinegar; its composition varies.

cajun spice seasoning click to hear : cajun spice seasoning

Its spiciness enhances the flavor of ragouts and Cajun dishes; it is also sprinkled on meat and fish before they are barbecued or roasted.

five spice powder click to hear : five spice powder

A blend of five ground spices used in Chinese cooking; it includes star anise, cloves, fennel seeds, cinnamon and pepper.

poppy seeds click to hear : poppy seeds

Their nutty flavor, which intensifies with cooking, works especially well in bread, cakes and pastries; it also yields a cooking oil.

ginger click to hear : ginger

A staple of Asian cooking and a classic garnish for sushi; it is also used ground, especially in breads and cookies.