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upright vacuum cleaner click to hear : upright vacuum cleaner

Vertical one-piece vacuum cleaner that is steered by means of a handle-grip.
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tools brush cleaner height adjustment knob bag compartment tool storage area on-off switch hose

tools click to hear : tools

Small accessories that one attaches to the end of the hose to vacuum dust and dirt.

brush click to hear : brush

Rotating instrument equipped with bristles for dislodging dirt encrusted in the rug or pile carpet fibers.

cleaner height adjustment knob click to hear : cleaner height adjustment knob

Mechanism for controlling brush height depending on the thickness of the rug or pile carpet to be cleaned.

bag compartment click to hear : bag compartment

Space for housing the bag that collects the dust and dirt.

tool storage area click to hear : tool storage area

Space for storing the cleaning tools.

on-off switch click to hear : on-off switch

Button for turning the device on or off.

hose click to hear : hose

Flexible pipe to which cleaning tools are attached.