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anterior view click to hear : anterior view

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frontal bone zygomatic bone clavicle scapula humerus ulna femur tibia fibula temporal bone maxilla mandible ribs sternum floating rib (2) vertebral column ilium sacrum coccyx patella radius

frontal bone click to hear : frontal bone

Flat skull bone forming the forehead and top of the eye sockets, and articulating especially with the parietal.

zygomatic bone click to hear : zygomatic bone

Bone forming the cheek pouch and the outer edge of the eye socket.

clavicle click to hear : clavicle

Long inward-curving bone located between the acromion and the sternum.

scapula click to hear : scapula

Large thin flat bone articulating with the clavicle and the humerus to form the shoulder; numerous shoulder and back muscles are attached to it.

humerus click to hear : humerus

Long arm bone articulating with the scapula to form the shoulder, and with the radius and the ulna to form the elbow.

ulna click to hear : ulna

Long bone forming the inner portion of the forearm located between the humerus and the carpus (hand bone).

femur click to hear : femur

Long thigh bone articulating with the iliac bone, tibia and patella; it is the longest bone in the human body.

tibia click to hear : tibia

Long bone forming the inner portion of the leg located between the femur and the tarsus (foot bone).

fibula click to hear : fibula

Long bone forming the outer portion of the leg located between the femur and the tarsus (foot bone).

temporal bone click to hear : temporal bone

Flat skull bone that protects mainly the organs responsible for hearing and equilibrium.

maxilla click to hear : maxilla

Toothed bone forming the upper jaw; it helps to form the palate, eye sockets and nasal fossae.

mandible click to hear : mandible

Movable toothed bone forming the lower jaw; it is the only movable bone in the head and its articulation with the temporal bone allows the jaw to move.

ribs click to hear : ribs

Slender curved bones articulating with the dorsal vertebrae and the sternum; the 12 pairs of ribs make up the lateral walls of the thorax.

sternum click to hear : sternum

Long flat bone to which the ribs, in particular, are attached.

floating rib (2) click to hear : floating rib (2)

Thin curved bone articulating with the dorsal vertebrae at one end and remaining free at the other end.

vertebral column click to hear : vertebral column

Movable bony axis made up of various parts articulating with each other (vertebrae); it supports the skeleton and contains the spinal cord.

ilium click to hear : ilium

Large flat bone made up of three fused bones that attach the lower limb to the trunk; the ilium, sacrum and coccyx form the pelvis.

sacrum click to hear : sacrum

Bone made up of five fused vertebrae located between the lumbar and coccyx vertebrae.

coccyx click to hear : coccyx

Bone made up of four to six fused vertebrae in the lower terminal part of the vertebral column, and articulating with the sacrum.

patella click to hear : patella

Flat triangular slightly bulging and mobile bone articulating mainly with the femur; this knee bone allows the lower limb to flex and extend.

radius click to hear : radius

Long bone making up the outer section of the forearm; it is connected especially to the carpal bones to form the wrist joint.