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laboratory equipment click to hear : laboratory equipment

These materials are highly varied: measurement instruments, various containers, heat sources, experimentation materials and mounting hardware.
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Erlenmeyer flask beaker round-bottom flask wash bottle bottle

Erlenmeyer flask click to hear : Erlenmeyer flask

Graduated cone-shaped container that is used very frequently in laboratories; it can have a stopper and is used especially for mixing and measuring liquids.

beaker click to hear : beaker

Graduated container with a spout; it is used to create reactions (precipitation, electrolysis) and to measure approximate amounts of liquid.

round-bottom flask click to hear : round-bottom flask

Spherical container used mainly for boiling liquids.

wash bottle click to hear : wash bottle

Flexible container that is squeezed lightly to squirt a liquid; it is used especially for cleaning equipment (test tubes, pipettes).

bottle click to hear : bottle

Container of various sizes and shapes and usually with a straight neck for holding liquids.