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combat aircraft click to hear : combat aircraft

Military aircraft used for attack purposes.
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air-to-air missile missile launch rail canopy ejection seat radar unit radome motor air inlet front landing gear flap hydraulic jack main landing gear fuel tank wing box leading edge flap wing trailing edge flap air brake fin radar antenna rudder exhaust nozzle parachute turbojet engine stabilizer

air-to-air missile click to hear : air-to-air missile

Missile fired from a helicopter or an aircraft; its target is an aircraft or another missile.

missile launch rail click to hear : missile launch rail

Device used to launch the missile.

canopy click to hear : canopy

Glass window covering the cockpit.

ejection seat click to hear : ejection seat

Seat designed to be projected from the aircraft in the event of an emergency.

radar unit click to hear : radar unit

Device that uses radio waves to detect objects such as other aircraft.

radome click to hear : radome

Rigid casing that radio waves can pass through; it protects the radar system.

motor air inlet click to hear : motor air inlet

Part that supplies the turbojet with the air required for combustion.

front landing gear click to hear : front landing gear

Retractable mechanism that enables the aircraft to land; it is located at the front end.

flap hydraulic jack click to hear : flap hydraulic jack

Mechanism that controls the flap.

main landing gear click to hear : main landing gear

Retractable mechanism that enables the aircraft to land; it is located behind the aircraft’s center of gravity under its wings.

fuel tank click to hear : fuel tank

Reservoir containing the fuel that allows the aircraft to fly.

wing box click to hear : wing box

Metal substructure of the wings; the trailing and leading edge flaps are connected to it.

leading edge flap click to hear : leading edge flap

Articulated panel on the front of the wing.

wing click to hear : wing

Horizontal surface on which aerodynamic forces are exerted to keep the aircraft in the air.

trailing edge flap click to hear : trailing edge flap

Articulated flap on the trailing edge of the wing that deploys downward to increase the aircraft’s lift on takeoff.

air brake click to hear : air brake

Aerodynamic flap at the back of the aircraft; it is used to reduce speed on landing.

fin click to hear : fin

Fixed vertical part of the tail assembly that keeps the aircraft stable.

radar antenna click to hear : radar antenna

Antenna designed to detect objects by emitting radio waves and capturing the echo they reflect.

rudder click to hear : rudder

Mobile part of the tail assembly that is used to balance the yaw (lateral movement) of an aircraft.

exhaust nozzle click to hear : exhaust nozzle

Conduit through which hot gases from the turbojet engine are released.

parachute click to hear : parachute

Device that opens from the tail of the aircraft to reduce speed on landing.

turbojet engine click to hear : turbojet engine

Jet-propulsion turbine producing hot gases that are expelled at high speed to provide the thrust necessary to propel the aircraft.

stabilizer click to hear : stabilizer

Wing made up of the fixed horizontal tail assembly; it stabilizes the aircraft horizontally.