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whitewater click to hear : whitewater

Race against time in turbulent water over a natural or man-made course; the route of the race is marked by 20 to 25 numbered gates.
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downstream gate course gate upstream gate chief judge safety officer gate judge

downstream gate click to hear : downstream gate

Gate made of two green poles that is negotiated in the direction of the current.

course gate click to hear : course gate

Space between two poles through which the competitor must pass; it hangs 15 cm above the water from cables stretched from shore to shore.

upstream gate click to hear : upstream gate

Gate made with two red poles that must be negotiated against the current; races must have at least six upstream gates.

chief judge click to hear : chief judge

Official who enforces the rules; this individual makes all the final decisions and ensures consistency among the various officials.

safety officer click to hear : safety officer

Official who manages the first aid staff, who are positioned along the course to be ready for emergencies.

gate judge click to hear : gate judge

Official who ensures that the paddler negotiates the gate as required without touching the poles; if the athlete makes a mistake, there is a time penalty.