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basin click to hear : basin

Usually man-made body of water where rowing and canoe-kayak races are held; ideally, it is in the lee of the wind and without a current.
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starting jetty starter course umpire aligner starting zone start buoys course buoys scoreboard floating dock finish line finish line judge finish buoys

starting jetty click to hear : starting jetty

Floating platform on which an official stands; the role of this individual is to keep the boats immobile and in line before the start.

starter click to hear : starter

Official who summons the competitors and gives the starting signal; the starter also decides if there is a false start.

course umpire click to hear : course umpire

Official who follows the competitors during the race on board a boat; the course umpire may disqualify a boat straying from its lane.

aligner click to hear : aligner

Official who check that all boats are lined up properly at the start line.

starting zone click to hear : starting zone

The first 100 m of the course inside which a race may be invalidated due to technical difficulties.

start buoys click to hear : start buoys

Floating yellow or orange units in the first 250 m of the course that demarcate the six to eight lanes of the basin.

course buoys click to hear : course buoys

Floating white units in the center of the course that demarcate the six to eight lanes of the basin.

scoreboard click to hear : scoreboard

Display surface posting information related to a sporting event in progress (time, standings, results, etc.).

floating dock click to hear : floating dock

Floating platform used for launching boats into the water or for taking them out.

finish line click to hear : finish line

Line marking the end of a race that is demarcated by two red flags atop buoys; a crew ends the race when the forward part of the boat crosses it.

finish line judge click to hear : finish line judge

Official who validates the boats’ placement and the race time.

finish buoys click to hear : finish buoys

Floating yellow or orange units that demarcate the six to eight lanes of the basin for the last 250 m of the course.