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parts of a boat click to hear : parts of a boat

Boat: long and tapered lightweight vessel that is propelled by one to eight rowers; their oars are supported by an outrigger.
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sliding seat foot stretcher coxswain’s seat rudder cable rudder bow ball outrigger oarlock

sliding seat click to hear : sliding seat

Part on which the rower sits; it slides along rails to increase movement range and efficiency.

foot stretcher click to hear : foot stretcher

Part attached to the bottom of the boat; it supports the rowers’ feet to provide the best draw.

coxswain’s seat click to hear : coxswain’s seat

Part on which the coxswain sits facing the rest of the team; the coxswain steers the boat and gives the rowers instructions and the strokes per minute to follow.

rudder cable click to hear : rudder cable

Cable used by the coxswain to direct the rudder; in a coxless boat, the cable may be connected to a rower’s foot stretcher.

rudder click to hear : rudder

Submerged component that pivots on a vertical axle and is used to steer the boat.

bow ball click to hear : bow ball

Rubber or plastic globe forward on the hull; it is the deciding factor in a photo finish and serves as protection in the event of collision.

outrigger click to hear : outrigger

Metal adjustable structure that supports the oar within the rower’s reach.

oarlock click to hear : oarlock

Piece of equipment on which the oar’s collar rests; it keeps the oar in place while allowing it to move more easily.