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Regular and slalom handles that the skier grips to be towed by the boat; they vary in shape depending on the type of skiing performed.
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figure skiing handle tow bar toe strap tow line slalom handle handle

figure skiing handle click to hear : figure skiing handle

Long rigid handle with a toe strap; it is used mainly for acrobatic figures.

tow bar click to hear : tow bar

Rigid handle that is covered with antiskid material; the skier grips it while being towed.

toe strap click to hear : toe strap

Foot strap for holding one of the skier’s feet; it provides traction while performing tricks.

tow line click to hear : tow line

Line that connects the handle to the boat’s towing cable.

slalom handle click to hear : slalom handle

Rigid bar whose ends are attached to a tow line by a long flexible V-shaped connection.

handle click to hear : handle

Rigid bar whose ends are attached to a tow line by a V-shaped connection of varying flexibility depending on the intended use.