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Water skiing can be done on two skis (twin skis and jump skis) or on one ski (figures and slalom).
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figure ski tail slalom ski back binding front binding jump skis

figure ski click to hear : figure ski

Single ski that is wider and shorter than a twin ski and has two bindings and no fin; it is very maneuverable and is used to perform acrobatic figures.

tail click to hear : tail

Rear end of the ski.

slalom ski click to hear : slalom ski

Single ski with two bindings and a tapered rounded tail; it has a long fin to provide stability during tight turns.

back binding click to hear : back binding

Device that keeps the back foot in place on the ski; it is often identical to the front binding but can also be a simple toe strap.

front binding click to hear : front binding

Device that keeps the front foot in place on the ski; it is usually shaped like a boot and made of natural or synthetic rubber.

jump skis click to hear : jump skis

Very sturdy skis that are longer and wider than other types of skis; they provide the stability necessary for performing jumps from a jump ramp.