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field click to hear : field

Surface on which a baseball game is played; it is in the shape of a quarter circle and is covered with dirt and natural or synthetic grass.
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infield first base backstop second base third base coach’s box on-deck circle dugout foul line outfield fence foul line post right field warning track center field left field

infield click to hear : infield

Playing surface inside the perimeter marked by the three bases and home plate; it includes a dirt area bordering the outfield.

first base click to hear : first base

Cushion attached to the ground that is the first base the batter reaches after hitting the ball; the player may stop there or move on to other bases.

backstop click to hear : backstop

Chain-link barrier located behind home plate; it prevents the ball from reaching the spectators.

second base click to hear : second base

Cushion attached to the ground that the player tries to reach after touching first base, after the ball has been hit.

third base click to hear : third base

Cushion attached to the ground that the player tries to reach after touching second base; if the player reaches home plate without being retired, one point is scored.

coach’s box click to hear : coach’s box

Each of two areas reserved for base coaches who use signals to communicate strategy to runners and batters.

on-deck circle click to hear : on-deck circle

Area reserved for the next batter; players on the team batting remain at bat until three outs have been recorded.

dugout click to hear : dugout

Partially closed area for the coaches, manager, substitute players and the team at bat.

foul line click to hear : foul line

Two straight lines bordering the playing field; they run from home plate to the outfield fence.

outfield fence click to hear : outfield fence

Barrier bordering the outfield, which is the playing surface between the two foul lines and beyond the infield.

foul line post click to hear : foul line post

Each of the vertical posts indicating the end of the foul lines; a ball hit outside the foul lines is called a foul ball.

right field click to hear : right field

Section of the outfield behind first base, or to the right of the batter.

warning track click to hear : warning track

Area indicating to the outfielders that the fence is near; a home run is a ball hit over the fence and inside the foul lines.

center field click to hear : center field

Section of the outfield behind second base, directly facing the batter.

left field click to hear : left field

Section of the outfield behind third base, or to the left of the batter.