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player positions click to hear : player positions

The team playing the field has nine players who try to prevent the opposing team from reaching bases and scoring points.
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pitcher catcher first baseman third baseman right fielder second baseman center fielder left fielder shortstop

pitcher click to hear : pitcher

Position opposite home plate; this player throws the ball to the opposing batter, using various pitches to try to prevent the batter from obtaining a hit.

catcher click to hear : catcher

Position behind home plate; this player catches the ball thrown by the pitcher and indicates the type of pitch to throw to retire the batter.

first baseman click to hear : first baseman

Position near first base that takes part in most defensive plays; the batter is retired if the first baseman, ball in hand, touches the base before the batter.

third baseman click to hear : third baseman

Position near third base; this player needs a powerful arm to throw the ball directly to first base when the situation calls for it.

right fielder click to hear : right fielder

Position that covers right field; if a fielder catches the ball before it touches the ground, the batter is retired.

second baseman click to hear : second baseman

Position near second base. This player, like all other infielders, retires an opponent by tagging the runner, ball in hand, before the runner reaches base.

center fielder click to hear : center fielder

Position in center field; covering the greatest area, this player anticipates where the ball will be hit and coordinates the positions of the outfielders.

left fielder click to hear : left fielder

Position that covers left field; if a fielder catches the ball before it touches the ground, the batter is retired.

shortstop click to hear : shortstop

Position between second and third base; this player’s role is to catch a ball hit in that direction and relay it to a teammate, depending on the game situation.