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pitch click to hear : pitch

When the batter is in position, the pitcher throws the ball toward home plate; the batter judges the pitch and decides whether or not to try to hit it.
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catcher click to hear : catcher

Position behind home plate; this player catches the ball thrown by the pitcher and indicates the type of pitch to throw to retire the batter.

home-plate umpire click to hear : home-plate umpire

Official who calls balls and strikes, and signals when the batter has struck out (three strikes) or when a runner is retired at home plate.

batter click to hear : batter

Player who takes position to hit the ball; to score a point, the batter must touch three successive bases and then home plate.

home plate click to hear : home plate

Rubber plate that the batter stands beside to face the pitcher; it marks the pitcher’s strike zone and the umpire calls balls and strikes in relation to it.

pitcher’s mound click to hear : pitcher’s mound

Small mound of earth from which the pitcher throws the ball toward the batter; it is 25.4 cm higher than home plate.

pitcher’s plate click to hear : pitcher’s plate

Band of rubber attached to the ground; the pitcher stands on it to throw a pitch.

pitcher click to hear : pitcher

Position opposite home plate; this player throws the ball to the opposing batter, using various pitches to try to prevent the batter from obtaining a hit.