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pursuit bicycle and racer click to hear : pursuit bicycle and racer

Pursuit bicycle: bicycle with limited equipment, that is, no brakes, no derailleur (no gears) and no freewheel.
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solid rear wheel handlebar grip handlebar helmet seat tube

solid rear wheel click to hear : solid rear wheel

Wheel whose aerodynamic shape allows the cyclist to go more quickly for a given effort.

handlebar grip click to hear : handlebar grip

Each of the two low-mounted handle grips that allow the rider to start in the dance position (standing on the pedals).

handlebar click to hear : handlebar

Grip that extends forward so that the cyclist can ride in an aerodynamic position.

helmet click to hear : helmet

Rigid piece of protective equipment for the head that is streamlined for maximum aerodynamics.

seat tube click to hear : seat tube

Part of the frame leaning slightly to the rear, receiving the seat post and joining the pedal mechanism.