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track click to hear : track

Inclined oval course that is 250 m long (short track) or 333.33 m or 400 m long (long tracks) and whose width varies from 7 to 9 m.
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200 m line blue band sprinters’ line straightaway jury platform pursuit line finish line competitors’ compound

200 m line click to hear : 200 m line

Point from which the racers are timed in the sprint event.

blue band click to hear : blue band

Strip where a racer gains speed before entering the track (sprint) and leaves it at the end of an event or to recover (American track).

sprinters’ line click to hear : sprinters’ line

Line that separates two lanes during a race or sprint.

straightaway click to hear : straightaway

Route that is 37 to 100 m long, depending on the length of the track, and is graded from 4° to 13°.

jury platform click to hear : jury platform

Place where the 10 judges stand by to monitor the progress of the race and give the results.

pursuit line click to hear : pursuit line

Line indicating the start and finish point for the pursuit events.

finish line click to hear : finish line

Point that marks the end of all events (such as time trial and sprint), except the pursuit.

competitors’ compound click to hear : competitors’ compound

Rest and assistance area for athletes between races where the coaches, mechanics and trainers stand by.