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pit stop click to hear : pit stop

Stop that lasts a few seconds; it is taken by drivers during a race to refuel, change tires and make necessary mechanical adjustments.
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refueling device compressed-air tank refueler starter mechanic chief mechanic pneumatic drill mechanic jack

refueling device click to hear : refueling device

Assemblage consisting of a fuel tank connected to a hose; it is for refueling the car when stopped in the pit.

compressed-air tank click to hear : compressed-air tank

Reservoir containing compressed air for the pneumatic drills.

refueler click to hear : refueler

Person responsible for refilling the car’s tank with gasoline by plugging a supply hose into the car.

starter mechanic click to hear : starter mechanic

Mechanic who uses a starter to make the car run again if the engine stalls after refueling.

chief mechanic click to hear : chief mechanic

Person who directs the mechanics; using a sign called a lollipop, this individual lets the driver know when the car can leave again.

pneumatic drill click to hear : pneumatic drill

Instrument for tightening and loosening the center lug nut for each wheel.

mechanic click to hear : mechanic

Person in charge of changing the tires. One mechanic loosens the center lug nut, a second one takes the tire off and a third one puts the new tire on.

jack click to hear : jack

Mechanism activated by a handle, for raising the vehicle.