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Formula 1™ car click to hear : Formula 1™ car

Single-seater for racing on a closed circuit that can reach speeds of 360 km/h; Formula 1™ is very popular in Europe.
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safety belt Pitot tube steering wheel side fairings roll structure camera cockpit wing radio antenna wet-weather tire dry-weather tire

safety belt click to hear : safety belt

Safety device fitted with sliding straps, keeping the driver in the seat in the event of an accident.

Pitot tube click to hear : Pitot tube

Measuring device for calculating the actual speed of the car by taking into account the influence of the wind.

steering wheel click to hear : steering wheel

Unit enabling the driver to steer the turning wheels; a veritable dashboard, it is equipped with several controls such as the clutch and gear shifter.

side fairings click to hear : side fairings

Malleable structure that absorbs the impact from a collision; the side fairings house especially radiators and electronic components.

roll structure click to hear : roll structure

Structure composed of metal loops to protect the driver if the car rolls over.

camera click to hear : camera

Exposure apparatus for following a driver’s vehicle during an event; each car is equipped with at least one camera.

cockpit click to hear : cockpit

Part of the body where the driver sits that houses the equipment necessary for driving the car.

wing click to hear : wing

Part using air pressure to increase the load on the rear and front wheels to improve the tires’ grip on the track.

radio antenna click to hear : radio antenna

Device that emits and receives radio waves for communications between the driver and the team during the event.

wet-weather tire click to hear : wet-weather tire

Molded tire used on a wet track to evacuate a large quantity of water. At 300 km/h, it evacuates more than 25 liters of water per second.

dry-weather tire click to hear : dry-weather tire

Grooved tire providing a good grip on a dry track.