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driver click to hear : driver

Athlete who drives in a car race.
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balaclava shoe crash helmet flame-resistant driving suit undergarment ear plugs/earbuds gloves

balaclava click to hear : balaclava

Cap made of fireproof material that covers the head and neck and leaves the face uncovered.

shoe click to hear : shoe

Fire-resistant shoe that covers the entire foot and ankle.

crash helmet click to hear : crash helmet

Hard piece of equipment designed to protect the head.

flame-resistant driving suit click to hear : flame-resistant driving suit

Molded one-piece outfit that is made of fireproof material; it protects the driver from serious burns for several seconds.

undergarment click to hear : undergarment

Clothing made of fireproof material that is worn under the suit; the undergarment and the driving suit must cover the neck, wrists and ankles.

ear plugs/earbuds click to hear : ear plugs/earbuds

Small plugs placed directly in the ears to dampen the noise from the engines and to allow radio communications between the driver and the team.

gloves click to hear : gloves

Item made of fireproof material that covers the hands and wrists; the gloves must fit tightly over the wrists and cover the sleeves of the suit.