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billiard cue click to hear : billiard cue

Long wooden stick that the player holds to hit the cue ball; the player chooses the cue’s diameter, length and weight (usually between 500 and 600 g).
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butt shaft tip ferrule joint rack chalk bridge endpiece notch shaft

butt click to hear : butt

Wide part of the cue; players choose the diameter that best fits their hands.

shaft click to hear : shaft

Tapered part of the cue on which the player places the fingers to line up the shot.

tip click to hear : tip

Round piece of leather or felt on the end of the cue for hitting the cue ball; it is also the only component that can touch a ball.

ferrule click to hear : ferrule

Piece of hard plastic at the front end of the cue to support the tip.

joint click to hear : joint

Cylindrical part for joining the shaft with the butt of a collapsible cue.

rack click to hear : rack

Triangular piece of wood or plastic for lining up the balls on the table at the start of a game.

chalk click to hear : chalk

Small cube of chalky powder that is rubbed onto the tip of the cue to improve contact with the cue ball.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Stick with a toothed head for shooting with the cue when the cue ball is out of the player’s reach.

endpiece click to hear : endpiece

Piece of toothed metal to support and guide the cue.

notch click to hear : notch

Space between the teeth on which the cue’s shaft is placed.

shaft click to hear : shaft

Long part of the bridge; the endpiece is attached to it.