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Surface of natural or synthetic grass that is bordered by a ditch and a bank; the lawn bowling green is divided into several parallel playing surfaces.
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umpire marker dead bowl area rink mat ditch bank

umpire click to hear : umpire

Official who is in charge of enforcing the rules; the umpire can expel a player or team from the competition it they refuse to comply with a decision.

marker click to hear : marker

Official who registers the results of each player or team onto a scorecard.

dead bowl area click to hear : dead bowl area

Zone outside the limits of the rink where bowls are considered out of bounds.

rink click to hear : rink

Area 5 m wide x 37 to 40 m long that is laid out for playing lawn bowling.

mat click to hear : mat

Rubber surface on which the player stands to throw the bowl toward the jack.

ditch click to hear : ditch

Small culvert that surrounds the green; a bowl falling into the ditch is considered out of bounds.

bank click to hear : bank

Small wall that surrounds the ditch to delimit the playing field; it can be no higher than 23 cm.