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course click to hear : course

Area set up in a natural environment for playing golf, usually with 18 holes.
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parking practice green rough trees pond water hazard teeing ground hole clubhouse sand bunker fairway green cart path

parking click to hear : parking

Area for cars to park.

practice green click to hear : practice green

Lawn similar to the green where golfers practice putting.

rough click to hear : rough

Part of the course on the edge of the fairways where the grass grows freely.

trees click to hear : trees

Wooded part of the golf course.

pond click to hear : pond

Small shallow body of water that can be natural or man-made.

water hazard click to hear : water hazard

Natural or man-made body of water (such as a lake, pond, river or reservoir) that constitutes an obstacle for the golfer.

teeing ground click to hear : teeing ground

Grassy surface mown very short from which the player tees off; teeing grounds are arranged at various distances from the hole as a function of the players’ skill.

hole click to hear : hole

Grass-covered fairway that is surrounded by plant growth; the golfer covers its distance by hitting a ball, despite the obstacles.

clubhouse click to hear : clubhouse

Structure located usually near the first and last holes that provides various services to golfers (such as a bar, restaurant and lockers).

sand bunker click to hear : sand bunker

Section of the fairway of varying size that is filled with sand; if the ball becomes stuck here, the player uses a sand wedge to hit it out.

fairway click to hear : fairway

Mown part of the course between the teeing ground for the hole and its green.

green click to hear : green

Grass surface mown very short surrounding each of the course’s holes; the golfer uses a putter to roll the ball into the hole.

cart path click to hear : cart path

Lane for golf carts to follow along the course.