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holes click to hear : holes

Grass-covered fairway surrounded by plant growth whose distance the golfer covers by hitting a ball, despite the obstacles; in principle, each hole is played in an estimated number of strokes, its par.
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removable flag pole hole par 5 hole natural environment green sand bunker teeing ground fairway water hazard rough

removable flag pole click to hear : removable flag pole

Long rod with a flag that is planted in a hole to mark the hole’s location so that it can be seen from far away.

hole click to hear : hole

Cavity dug out of the green; the player must roll the ball into it to complete a hole.

par 5 hole click to hear : par 5 hole

The player tries to reach the green in three strokes and then make two putts to sink the ball in the hole; an eagle is a hole made in two strokes under par.

natural environment click to hear : natural environment

Part of the course that is left in its original state; it can consist of trees, bushes and undergrowth.

green click to hear : green

Grass surface mown very short surrounding each of the course’s holes; the golfer uses a putter to roll the ball into the hole.

sand bunker click to hear : sand bunker

Section of the fairway of varying size that is filled with sand; if the ball becomes stuck here, the player uses a sand wedge to hit it out.

teeing ground click to hear : teeing ground

Grassy surface mown very short from which the player tees off; teeing grounds are arranged at various distances from the hole as a function of the players’ skill.

fairway click to hear : fairway

Mown part of the course between the teeing ground for the hole and its green.

water hazard click to hear : water hazard

If the golfer hits a ball into this obstacle, it must be played where it is; if it is unplayable, a new ball is put into play and counted as a penalty stroke.

rough click to hear : rough

Part of the course on the edge of the fairways where the grass grows freely.