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types of golf clubs click to hear : types of golf clubs

Golf clubs: instruments of various shapes, materials (wood, iron) and functions that are used to hit the ball along the course.
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wood grip shaft iron head putter face

wood click to hear : wood

Club with a long shaft that is used for long distances, especially at tee-off; originally made of wood, most of these clubs are now made of metal.

grip click to hear : grip

Part of the shaft that is held and manipulated by the golfer’s hands.

shaft click to hear : shaft

Long part of the golf club; the head is attached to the end of it.

iron click to hear : iron

Club with a metal head and a shaft that is shorter than the wood’s; it is used for medium- and short-distance strokes.

head click to hear : head

Slanting lower part of the club with a face for hitting the ball.

putter click to hear : putter

Club whose head has a vertical face for putting on the green.

face click to hear : face

Part of the club’s head that is used to hit the ball.