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court click to hear : court

Synthetic or hardwood surface that is designed to provide good traction; badminton is usually played indoors.
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long service line server service judge back boundary line linesman center line white tape alley short service line umpire post singles sideline doubles sideline net receiver

long service line click to hear : long service line

Line that marks the back of the service zone for doubles matches.

server click to hear : server

Player who puts the shuttlecock into play; the server and receiver stand diagonally opposite each other.

service judge click to hear : service judge

Official who monitors the execution of the serve (player position, arrival of the shuttlecock in the appropriate zone, etc.).

back boundary line click to hear : back boundary line

Line that marks the ends of the playing area and, in singles play, the service zone.

linesman click to hear : linesman

One of 10 officials who ensure that the shuttlecock remains inside the lines of play and inform the umpire when a fault is committed.

center line click to hear : center line

Line dividing each court half into two sides; the center line separates the left and right service zones.

white tape click to hear : white tape

Strip of tape with a cord passing through it; it is attached to posts to suspend the net.

alley click to hear : alley

Band 46 cm wide on the sides of the court; the alley is used only for doubles matches.

short service line click to hear : short service line

Front boundary of the singles and doubles service zones.

umpire click to hear : umpire

Official responsible for applying the rules; the umpire ensures that the match runs smoothly and rules on contentious points.

post click to hear : post

Vertical bar used to stretch the net by means of white tape.

singles sideline click to hear : singles sideline

Line that marks the sides of the playing area for singles matches (two players).

doubles sideline click to hear : doubles sideline

Line that marks the sides of the playing area for doubles matches (two teams of two players).

net click to hear : net

Loosely stitched divider stretched across the middle of the court at a height of 1.55 m; players must hit the shuttlecock over it.

receiver click to hear : receiver

Player who receives the shuttlecock put into play by the server.