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racquetball racket click to hear : racquetball racket

Racket that is used to strike the ball and usually weighs between 150 and 220 g; it has a short shaft, an elongated head and its maximum length is 55.88 cm.
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safety thong bumper guard protective goggles racquetball

safety thong click to hear : safety thong

Cord worn around the wrist to prevent accidental racket throws.

bumper guard click to hear : bumper guard

Strip of flexible material around the racket frame to protect it.

protective goggles click to hear : protective goggles

Mandatory glasses designed to prevent eye injuries.

racquetball click to hear : racquetball

Rubber ball that is filled with compressed air and weighs 39 g; official balls bear the initials I.R.F. (International Racquetball Federation).