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court click to hear : court

Rectangular surface that is enclosed by four walls and designed for playing squash; the singles court measures 9.75 m x 6.4 m and the doubles court 9.75 m x 7.62 m.
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scorer referee floor tin board service line front wall server back wall left service court right service court receiver sidewall sidewall line ceiling outer boundary line

scorer click to hear : scorer

Official who assists the referee; the scorer officiates, signals faults and announces the score.

referee click to hear : referee

Official responsible for applying the rules; the referee ensures that the match runs smoothly and rules on contentious points.

floor click to hear : floor

Horizontal surface that is usually made of wooden slats; the ball may only bounce once on it.

tin board click to hear : tin board

Strip of metal topped by a horizontal line marking the lower limit of the playing area.

service line click to hear : service line

Line above which the ball must be served; a serve on or below this line constitutes a fault.

front wall click to hear : front wall

Wall facing the players; the service is made onto it.

server click to hear : server

Player who puts the ball into play.

back wall click to hear : back wall

Wall that marks the boundary of the court area behind the players.

left service court click to hear : left service court

One of two court areas bordered by the short line and the half court line.

right service court click to hear : right service court

One of two court areas bordered by the short line and the half court line; the serve must bounce in the opposite service court.

receiver click to hear : receiver

Player who returns the ball put into play by the server.

sidewall click to hear : sidewall

Wall marking the sides of the court.

sidewall line click to hear : sidewall line

Diagonal line on the sidewall; it marks the upper part of the playing area and joins the front and back wall lines.

ceiling click to hear : ceiling

Horizontal surface making up the upper part of the court; the ceiling is not part of the playing area.

outer boundary line click to hear : outer boundary line

Continuous line marking the upper edge of the playing area.