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ground airport equipment click to hear : ground airport equipment

Equipment and materials for preparing an aircraft for its next flight; this includes cleaning, performing checks, refueling and boarding.
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aircraft maintenance truck potable water truck lavatory truck electrical power unit ground air conditioner

aircraft maintenance truck click to hear : aircraft maintenance truck

Vehicle that is used by technical maintenance crew when servicing an aircraft.

potable water truck click to hear : potable water truck

Truck that fills the aircraft’s water tanks with drinking water.

lavatory truck click to hear : lavatory truck

Truck that empties and cleans the aircraft’s toilets.

electrical power unit click to hear : electrical power unit

Vehicle that is equipped with a transformer to provide electricity to the aircraft when its auxiliary generator set is at rest.

ground air conditioner click to hear : ground air conditioner

Truck that contains a device for treating the aircraft’s interior air (ventilation and cooling or heating) when the aircraft is at rest.