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diesel-electric locomotive click to hear : diesel-electric locomotive

Vehicle with a diesel engine turning a generator that in turn powers the electric traction motors.
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sandbox compressed air reservoir coupler head pilot side footboard dynamic brake fuel tank main generator safety rail horn driver’s cab control stand battery ventilator lubricating system water tank diesel engine air filter headlight radiator ventilating fan air compressor

sandbox click to hear : sandbox

Container for the sand that is strewn on the track in front of the wheels to provide friction.

compressed air reservoir click to hear : compressed air reservoir

Storage chamber for the compressed air.

coupler head click to hear : coupler head

Device on each end of a locomotive or car for attaching it to another locomotive or car.

pilot click to hear : pilot

Steel bar attached to the frame that pushes aside debris from the track.

side footboard click to hear : side footboard

Ladder attached to the chassis for climbing up to or down from the locomotive.

dynamic brake click to hear : dynamic brake

Wheel acting as a generator to turn the traction motor, which slows down the train.

fuel tank click to hear : fuel tank

Reservoir containing the diesel fuel that makes the vehicle self-sufficient.

main generator click to hear : main generator

Generator driven by the diesel engine, which in turn supplies electricity to the traction motors.

safety rail click to hear : safety rail

Guardrail to prevent falls.

horn click to hear : horn

Sounding device warning of the train’s approach.

driver’s cab click to hear : driver’s cab

Compartment where the engineer operates the locomotive and has a view of the track ahead.

control stand click to hear : control stand

Panel containing the locomotive’s main controls.

battery click to hear : battery

Device providing electricity for starting the engine and for the lights and other electrical devices when the engine is at rest.

ventilator click to hear : ventilator

Mechanism cooling the traction motors.

lubricating system click to hear : lubricating system

Device circulating oil throughout the engine to reduce friction between its moving parts.

water tank click to hear : water tank

Reservoir for the cooling water.

diesel engine click to hear : diesel engine

Combustion engine in which the compressed air becomes sufficiently hot to ignite the injected fuel.

air filter click to hear : air filter

Device removing dust from the air entering the engine.

headlight click to hear : headlight

Lamp illuminating the track.

radiator click to hear : radiator

Vessel in which the coolant, which circulates around the engine, is cooled by means of flowing air.

ventilating fan click to hear : ventilating fan

Bladed mechanism blowing air through the radiators to cool the coolant inside them.

air compressor click to hear : air compressor

Device supplying the compressed air that operates various pneumatic equipment, especially the brakes.