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motor scooter mirror seat apron floorboard luggage rack

motor scooter click to hear : motor scooter

Motorized vehicle with two small wheels, embellished with fairing, characterized by an open frame and a flat floor.

mirror click to hear : mirror

Mirror attached to the handgrip, allowing the motorcyclist to see behind and along the sides of the vehicle without turning around.

seat click to hear : seat

Usually leather seat where the driver sits.

apron click to hear : apron

Aerodynamic component in sheet metal or plastic, trimming the steering column and protecting the driver from the wind and inclement weather.

floorboard click to hear : floorboard

Wide flat surface for resting the feet on.

luggage rack click to hear : luggage rack

Support at the rear of the vehicle, for attaching a trunk or for lashing down luggage using straps.