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examples of semitrailers click to hear : examples of semitrailers

Semitrailers: trailers whose front portion is equipped with a kingpin for coupling them to a tractor.
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van body semitrailer refrigerated semitrailer possum-belly body semitrailer log semitrailer

van body semitrailer click to hear : van body semitrailer

Semitrailer comprising a closed box, rigid or made of thick fabric (tarpaulin and sliding curtains).

refrigerated semitrailer click to hear : refrigerated semitrailer

Semitrailer equipped with a refrigeration unit and an insulated compartment for transporting perishable goods.

possum-belly body semitrailer click to hear : possum-belly body semitrailer

Semitrailer designed to transport livestock; it comprises several perforated compartments.

log semitrailer click to hear : log semitrailer

Semitrailer with folding side posts for transporting tree trunks.